Travel Guide

Upon going through our initial interview process and being accepted into our program, clients will have flights scheduled from the closest regional airport to Managua, Nicaragua. Should a client need detoxification services, those services may be provided by the beautiful Summer House facility located in Miami, Florida. At Summer House they will be medically relieved from their addictive substances. This process is the vital first step and key to allowing the clients to be comfortable during the therapeutic portion of the recovery. Each client’s protocol will be set by Summer Houses licensed medical staff and continually monitored and adjusted by Doctors and Psychiatrists. The medications used will be reduced each day and each client’s progress will be monitored until medical staff clears the client for release to Hulakai Wellness Retreat for a PERSPECTIVE changing wellness program. During this initial period in Miami, Perspective Recovery staff will be working with family members, client, and Expedited Passports and Visas to obtain a US Passport for travel to Central America. We can obtain client passports in as little as 48 hours using our third-party partners. This service is included in the all-inclusive program offered by Perspective Recovery and carries no additional costs or fees.

Arrangements will be made for a staff member to transport the client to Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. The client will be picked up at their gate after a short 2.5-hour flight to Managua, Nicaragua. Clients are then transported by staff to the beautiful fishing and tourist village of San Juan del Sur on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Hulakai Wellness Retreat is located approximately Ten miles North of San Juan del Sur at the World-renowned Playa Maderas. Hulakai Wellness Retreat sits on just over Ten acres of ocean front jungle with amazing beaches and breathtaking sunsets. Clients will complete a wellness program that involves both group and private therapy sessions. Clients will also be involved in once in a lifetime activities that are sure to offer PERSPECTIVE changes within themselves. Opportunities for philanthropy work are offered and Perspective Recovery works closely with non-profit and mission groups throughout Nicaragua. These activities, group sessions, private sessions, day trips, goal planning, aftercare planning, and family and loved one’s support sessions are vital to true recovery. This program is unlike any other in the World and offers the best chances for recovery for anyone battling with reliance or mental health issues.

During Perspective Recovery’s entire program, all meals, activities, housing, transportation, etc are covered within the all-inclusive packages offered. There will be no additional fees or charges. Fees quoted by our admissions staff are based on the projected length of stay for each client as well as the client’s choice in room option at Hulakai Wellness Retreat. Room offered include our breathtaking eco cabins which feature private living quarters with king size bed and front porch nestled in the jungle hills. Hulakai also offers Double Occupancy rooms for discounted rates as well as private efficiencies with unique and creative features. All room options are great. There is not a bad room at this incredible property and attention to details and comfort are extended by our friendly staff.

After completion of their wellness program, clients will be escorted by staff through the beautiful countryside back to Managua International Airport and assisted in boarding their flight back home or to the long-term sober living facility as planned according to their program guide. Continual support for clients and family is offered indefinitely through Perspective Recovery.