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What is Cocaine, and why do people use it?

Cocaine is a powerful and addictive stimulant that affects your central nervous system and is derived from the leaves of the coca plant in South America. Cocaine comes in two forms:
● Powder cocaine is a white powder, with a very bitter taste that is easily dissolved in water or alcohol and is sometimes mixed with short-acting benzos or opioids fentanyl to enhance the high, this can have a deadly rebound effect.
● Crack – Cocaine that has been processed and cooked to make a crystal rock that can be smoked. Crack got its name from the cracking sound it makes when it is burned.
Cocaine can be consumed in many different ways but is typically snorted, smoked, rubbed into the gums of their mouth, and in some cases, even injected straight into the bloodstream.
Cocaine is known to give you a considerable dump of dopamine, which floods the body with the feeling of pleasure and euphoria. This feeling is incredibly addicting, highly sought after, and the user will typically do anything to get their hands on it.

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Short term Side effects consist of:

● A false sense of extreme energy. Users will often push his or her bodies way harder than its built for or intended to be driven, with little to no sleep at all. Thus once the drugs start to wear off, the user experiences a severe “crash” or physical and mental breakdowns and withdrawal symptoms after the drugs have entirely worn off.
● Cocaine can decrease your natural feeling of hunger, causing users to experience extreme weight loss.

Adverse side effects of Cocaine can also include:

● Insomnia.
● Depression
● Suicidal thoughts
● Increased attention and decreased fatigue
● Increased respiration
● Rapid/irregular heart rate
● Hyperthermia
● Hyperactivity.
● High body temperature.
● Nausea.
● Euphoria and rush
● Increased activity and wakefulness
● Increased aggressiveness
● Delusions of power.
● Irritability.
● Decreased appetite.

Long term side effects consist of:

● Long-term Cocaine use can cause irreversible, life-threatening damage to your physical health as well as your mental health. Cocain will; increase your heart rate and blood pressure, cause chest pain, and cause acute coronary syndrome. Cocain will also damage your blood vessels in your brain that can lead to strokes or even an irregular heartbeat, which can cause cardiovascular collapse and death. There is also the risk of damage to your kidneys and lungs beyond repair.
● Users typically suffer from memory loss and lose the ability to think and grasp abstract thoughts creatively. Those who recover from long-term use tend to have significant gaps in their memory and suffer substantial mood swings. Adverse side effects of long-term use, factors including:
● High blood pressure or heart rate.
● Decreased appetite.
● A heightened sense of paranoia.
● Confusion.
● Hallucinations
● Anxiety and paranoia
● Damage to your central nervous system.
● Sometimes it can cause convulsions that lead to death.

Sadly, the average age of cocaine users is only 23 years of age. According to 2019’s drug survey, 1.8 million Americans had tried this drug within the last year. Cocaine intoxicated overdoses take up about 20% of all overdose cases in the USA, and out of those cases, 50% of them also have opiates in the system as well. Cocaine overdose treatment awareness, Benzos overdose treatment, and support groups are vital in the fight against the severe growing drug abuse issue that is taking lives all over the world.

How do I start the process of withdrawal from Cocaine, and why should I do medical detox?

Leading a drug and alcohol-free life is a life-long process. The first step in cocaine treatment is complete Medical detoxification. This allows you to come off the drugs or alcohol safely, closely monitored at all times by medical nurses, doctors, and therapists. This is, by far, the best way to start your recovery process. Without it, the withdrawal symptoms are agonizing.

Symptoms include

● Anxiety.
● Muscle, Joint, and Bone Pain.
● Fatigue and Sleepiness.
● Depression.

● Psychosis
● Cocaine Cravings
● Increased Appetite

Symptoms include

● Anxiety.
● Muscle, Joint, and Bone Pain.
● Fatigue and Sleepiness.
● Depression.
● Psychosis
● Cocaine Cravings
● Increased Appetite

What does detox and Cocaine treatment entail?

Cocaine addiction treatment and Cocaine toxicity treatment often require the use of medication and different types of behavioral therapies. Medications can help to reduce the Cocaine withdrawal process while behavioral therapies can help stabilize and prepare them for the cocaine withdrawal process.
The NLM (national institute on drug abuse) states there are a number of detox medications for opiates, including:
Methadone – is a powerful agonist that can be prescribed for short periods of time. This medication will allow you to live your daily life, such as going to work or school. This drug is usually the best solution for opiate treatment for someone who has been addicted to opiates for multiple years.
Buprenorphine – An opioid agonist-antagonist that creates a ceiling effect that helps prevent and protect users from overdosing or abusing opiates. This medication typically works best for users with less severe dependence that those in need of Methadone but still need to stay clean and away from opiate abuse.
Clonidine – An anti-hypertensive drug that can help treat opioid withdrawal symptoms. This drug is usually most useful for people who have become addicted to opiates through a doctor’s care.

How To Treat Cocaine Addiction?

It all starts with finding a Cocaine addiction treatment center that suits you and your needs. You have to be careful who you choose as well because 80% of all rehab centers DON’T WORK. This is because they haven’t changed their treatment methods in over 50 years. Scientific data and evidence-based research have shown that in order to reprogram our brain and its mental structure, you must remove yourself from the environment that you were once used to. This is incredibly important, and the first critical step in changing your perspective of life. This is why we at Perspective Recovery are located in Central America and is an inpatient treatment facilities. We focus on mental healing away from anything they once knew. One of the biggest things an addict loses is their feeling of self-worth. At Perspective Recovery, we allow our clients to give back in a significant way, by helping the local people. We work with our clients in the community, allowing them to give back without any expectation of something in return. This has been scientifically proven to flood the body with the feeling of self-worth. Also, science has shown that yes on one individual therapy sessions are very important, group therapy sessions are one of the most effective forms of therapy in rehab centers when overcoming substance abuse. At Perspective Recovery, we are proud of our support groups available for preparing for aftercare treatment!

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Recovery starts with the first step

At perspective recovery, our goals are to:


To step away… Step away from people that we typically associate with. Step away from places we frequent. Step away from things we are used to having in our daily lives. In order to refocus your mind, it is vital to remove yourself from day to day normality’s in your life. Perspective Recovery stands apart here as we take this core theory to the next level. Our strategic and hand picked destinations are the PERSPECTIVE change you have been needing.


We are then able to realign our perspective when we learn to accept and take responsibility for the way things have been in our life. No matter the circumstances of your current situation in life, when we take full responsibility for our actions and how we control the direction of our lives, a new World of opportunity opens up to us.


The most crucial part of a perspective change is creating a plan to keep your newfound perspective fresh in your mind and to train yourself always to be open to learning how to grow as an individual.
At Perspective Recovery, we help the individual create a clear and attainable list of goals to strive for in every area of your life. We create the road map and give our guests a lifetime GPS subscription to reach these goals.

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