Gaming Addiction


Rather it is a board game or you play online video games, as kids growing up we all had our fair share of gaming. Gaming can be loads of fun and a great way to relieve some stress or to just clear your head. In the early days of gaming, you had to go to an arcade room to play and they weren’t accessible 24hours a day and even if they were, you
could have afforded to play all day every day. But now day things are different, games are just a click of a bottom away with new ones coming out every day. You have computers and cell phones and consoles that all scream play me. Nowadays addiction to video games Is very real and some of us have a hard time just playing a few games and
then stopping. In 2018 the international classification of diseases added gaming addiction to the list of internationally recognized addiction’s in the world. It’s all just fun and games till your life starts revolving around the gaming, Your productivity starts to decline at work due to hours of gaming and loss of sleep. This can start to create some serious problems when it comes to maintaining a healthy and happy life. Often people with gaming addiction also have relationship issues, due to the lack of affection towards there spouse.

Symptoms and warning signs to watch for

  • Thinking about gaming most or all the time 
  • Feel upset when unable to play 
  • The more you play the better you feel 
  • Unwilling to quit or play less 
  • Issues at home, school, work, or relationship due to your gaming.
  • Playing despite these problems piling up on you 
  • Lying to people close to you about how much time you spend gaming. 
  • A decrease in social interaction 
  • A decrease in personal hygiene or lack of`

Long Term side effects consist of

Similar to other compulsive disorders, internet gaming disorders can have severe negative consequences and addictive behavior. For instance, someone addicted to video games will often avoid sleep and eating proper meals to continue there gaming. In the beginning, this might not be a problem but over time this can develop sleeping disorders or dietary health problems. Often family members will do anything they can to help their loved one, but typically they only whined up contributing to there loved one’s problem instead of fixing it. 

Why are video games so addicting?

One of the main reasons so many people have video games internet addiction is they are specifically designed to be addicting. The game designers specifically build a game to
draw in the player and make them more addicted the more they play. Of course, this was designed to get good game ratings and in the end, increase video game sales. Never the less they succeeded and are now building games that are played in real-life time. Constantly coming out with new expansion packs and upgrades that
are guaranteed to hook the gamer into playing longer and spending more money.


It all starts with reducing the amount of time spent playing video games and using the time you would have spent online gaming to do something positive in your life. To work on things you have maybe been putting off because of your computer games or gaming addiction. Or simply by stepping away from the things you used to do in your daily life, getting out into the real world, maybe by taking a hike, a bike ride, or going fishing with your kids. It’s important to find other things you enjoy in life more than gaming. In a more severe case where one has tried several times to quit on there own but have been unsuccessful, treatment facilities would be the best option for a smooth and health recovery. Our treatment programs could be the difference in you beating your addiction or not. 

Video Games and Substance abuse

Often people become even more addicted to gaming, using substance abuse to heighten their sense of alertness, giving themselves the feeling of having an advantage over their opponent and a faster response rate. Again this is a very slippery slope as well, as most people start using more and more to achieve the same feeling they felt the first time. This will cause a much fast decline in one’s health, lack of sleep, and decline in one’s work productivity. If you are struggling with substance abuse it is extremely important you find a treatment program that meets your needs. 

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Recovery starts with the first step

At perspective recovery, our goals are to:


To step away… Step away from people that we typically associate with. Step away from places we frequent. Step away from things we are used to having in our daily lives. In order to refocus your mind, it is vital to remove yourself from day to day normality’s in your life. Perspective Recovery stands apart here as we take this core theory to the next level. Our strategic and hand picked destinations are the PERSPECTIVE change you have been needing.


We are then able to realign our perspective when we learn to accept and take responsibility for the way things have been in our life. No matter the circumstances of your current situation in life, when we take full responsibility for our actions and how we control the direction of our lives, a new World of opportunity opens up to us.


The most crucial part of a perspective change is creating a plan to keep your newfound perspective fresh in your mind and to train yourself always to be open to learning how to grow as an individual.
At Perspective Recovery, we help the individual create a clear and attainable list of goals to strive for in every area of your life. We create the road map and give our guests a lifetime GPS subscription to reach these goals.

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