Perspective Recovery believes in the mission and philanthropy-based recovery. What that means to us is simple… We believe that the act of selflessness and the opportunity to give back in a real way is game-changing in the battle with any substance abuse or mental health obstacle in your life. It has been proven that when a person helps another human being and that help is given with no expectation of profit or return, that self-worth and pride floods the individual giving the help to the person in need. At Perspective Recovery, we have created a way for our clients to give back to someone with far less opportunity in life.
While Hulakai Wellness Retreat and Central America are beautiful, Nicaragua is also a Third world country battling unbelievable poverty. The local people in most cases face lack of electricity, lack of clean drinking water, lack of proper shelter, and lack of food. Perspective Recovery has built a network with local communities and villages to bring our clients into the community to work with the Nica people, local charities, and mission groups… This is HUGE for the recovery process. You see, a person battling with substance abuse or mental health issues has been in an altered state of mind for months or even years. This state of mind includes the feeling of loss of self-worth and pride. With Perspective Recovery’s unique approach to community involvement in a Third world setting, not only do we build back up each client’s self-value and pride, but through this approach we also open our client’s eyes to a new PERSPECTIVE in life.


This method of MISSION BASED RECOVERY has another huge benefit, that is the benefit of a new PERSPECTIVE from a social status viewpoint. Seeing the way of life in a Third World setting has a way of realigning your ideas of what is truly important in life. One thing every client learns through our unique program is that life could be a lot worse. They also learn that though the Nica people have little in life, they are abundant with happiness, love, and a continued hope for progress. Philanthropy based recovery is the foundation of Perspective Recovery’s mission. The heart of our leadership and staff believes in these principles to their core.

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At perspective recovery, our goals are to:


To step away… Step away from people that we typically associate with. Step away from places we frequent. Step away from things we are used to having in our daily lives. In order to refocus your mind, it is vital to remove yourself from day to day normalities in your life.


We are then able to realign our perspective when we learn to accept and take responsibility for the way things have been in our life. No matter the circumstances of your current situation in life, when we take full responsibility for our actions and how we control the direction of our lives, a new World of opportunity opens up to us.


The most crucial part of a perspective change is creating a plan to keep your newfound perspective fresh in your mind and to train yourself always to be open to learning how to grow as an individual. At Perspective Recovery, we help the individual create a clear and attainable list of goals to strive for in every area of your life. We create the road map and give our guests a lifetime GPS subscription to reach these goals.

a new PERSPECTIVE on life


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