Perspective Recovery is where the foundation for a new you and your new future begins…
Nestled in the foothills of a dense jungle canopy, on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua you will find a beautiful oasis in the small fishing community of San Juan del Sur. Approximately 200 meters above Playa Maderas, a local beach known for its stunning sunsets, sits Hulakai Wellness Retreat. This Ten-acre eco resort is the perfect setting for self-reflection and has a way of providing that breath of fresh air needed for a fresh start.

With multiple room options such as private eco cabins, shared suits, or private efficiencies, Hulakai Wellness Retreat offers all the comforts of home with unbelievable views around every corner. Rooms are air conditioned, have hot water, and WIFI services are provided.


Taking time to withdraw from an unhealthy and unfulfilling life. RECOVERY THROUGH PERSPECTIVE

All amenities, activities, meals, and services are provided as Hulakai Wellness Retreat is an all-inclusive program. A luxurious breakfast and lunch featuring local fresh ingredients will be served bistro style and every evening the entire facility gathers for our famous “family dinner” where our culinary team wows each and every night with exciting new options served family style at our 35-seat dinner table. This “family dinner” has become a favorite for or guests and staff members alike.

During your stay at the magical Hulakai Wellness Retreat, a program guide will be followed. This program guide includes daily time slots for meals, group sessions, private sessions with counselors and program directors, as well as, time slots for activities, day trips, and philanthropy opportunities. Activities will include surf lessons, fishing, horseback riding, jungle hikes, local art studio, zip line tours, atv tours, yoga, beach games, and much more. Day trips will consist of exploring ancient colonial cities such as Granada, trips to view the lava pool inside an active volcano, and other day trips such as visiting the second largest statue of Jesus located in nearby San Juan del Sur. Perspective Recovery also offers philanthropy opportunities. These opportunities include feeding local orphans, helping with distribution of educational supplies, and working with local non-profits and mission groups.


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Visit Hulakai Wellness Retreat and gain a new PERSPECTIVE in life. This is your time to unwind. It is time to REFOCUS, REALIGN, and REFORMULATE your path in life. Perspective Recovery’s goal is to create a clear path for a better life. A life of continual progress and true happiness.

At perspective recovery, our goals are to:


To step away… Step away from people that we typically associate with. Step away from places we frequent. Step away from things we are used to having in our daily lives. In order to refocus your mind, it is vital to remove yourself from day to day normalities in your life.


We are then able to realign our perspective when we learn to accept and take responsibility for the way things have been in our life. No matter the circumstances of your current situation in life, when we take full responsibility for our actions and how we control the direction of our lives, a new World of opportunity opens up to us.


The most crucial part of a perspective change is creating a plan to keep your newfound perspective fresh in your mind and to train yourself always to be open to learning how to grow as an individual. At Perspective Recovery, we help the individual create a clear and attainable list of goals to strive for in every area of your life. We create the road map and give our guests a lifetime GPS subscription to reach these goals.

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