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After leaving a live in facility and returning back to the reality of life, the stress of the next steps are a huge risk factor in a potential relapse. At perspective Recovery we fully understand that the first several months are the most crucial in protecting oneself from addictions cravings and desires.

It is our goal to greatly increase the chances of a happy and healthy life for our clients by staring day one at Hulakai Wellness Retreat working towards family and loved ones support and relationship restoration. We also focus heavily on establishing a clear, strategic, and realistic list of life’s objectives and goals for each individual client. We then work throughout the 30 days to create a clear “roadmap” for accomplishing each client’s individual life’s goals and objectives. This “roadmap” will be a guide for each client. Perspective Recovery believes that true happiness is found in progress. Continual progress through accomplishing goals starting from the smallest to the largest creates a path for true success and happiness in life. We want our clients to leave with the mindset that life is too amazing to relapse. We want each client to leave with a new PERSPECTIVE in life. To look at this point in their life as an opportunity for a fresh start with a clear path to a truly happy, healthy, and productive life.

sober living environment

In some cases it is recommended that a client move into an extended sober living environment. Perspective Recovery offers a vast network of the very best facilities and communities available across the US.

continual client and family support systems

Perspective Recovery also offers continual client and family support systems and groups. These groups are available for an unlimited time after a client has completed the 30 day program and are intended to be a confidential place of refuge for support and encouragement. Some live group sessions will also be made available through social media platforms. At any time should you or a loved one be facing a potential relapse please message Perspective Recovery on any of its social media platforms or call to speak to one of our helpful staff at 800-690-9038. We are here to help and have resources throughout North and Central America.
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