Frequently Asked Questions

What does luxury addiction Treatment typically cost?

Luxury addiction treatment centers are not cheap. Prices for luxury addiction treatment centers typically range anywhere from $45,000 – $135,000 for “30” days of  treatment depending on the location you choose. 

Why Choose Luxury addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment is never easy. Having the comfort and amenities of a luxury addiction treatment center will truly make your recovery process enjoyable. From incredibly friendly medical staff to beautiful facilities that offer breathtaking views, and perspective changing experiences, why not treat yourself to luxury while dealing with overcoming addiction?

What Is an Addiction Rehabilitation Center?

Many people want to know what an addiction rehabilitation center is. It is a center that has trained, compassionate staff members who are qualified to help people who struggle with addictions to drugs or alcohol. The addiction rehabilitation center is a safe, comfortable environment that helps people learn how to create happier, healthier, and more sober lifestyles.

What Is an Addiction Rehabilitation Center?

The process varies according to the people who seek treatment and different addiction treatment centers, but there are general features of rehab treatment. Treatment often includes detox procedures, different types of therapy, information about relapse prevention techniques, and the development of an aftercare plan before the recovering addict leaves the rehab center.

How Long Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab?

People stay in addiction rehabilitation treatment centers for different lengths of time. The length of their stay depends on their type of addiction, the severity of their addiction, their past history of addiction, the length of time that they were addicted, and other factors. For many people, the length of time for an inpatient rehabilitation stay usually ranges from 28 days to 90 days.

Does Addiction Rehab Cure Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Simply stated, the answer is no. Nothing can cure an addiction to drugs or alcohol. But, there are many effective management programs to help people stay clean and sober in the long term. Whether someone takes part in a 30-day inpatient program or stays in a rehab center for an entire year, they still have an addiction. Learning to manage one’s life without battling addictive behaviors and other negative aspects of addiction can be difficult, but it is possible.

Is Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Enough to Find Recovery?

Even if people participate in an addiction rehabilitation treatment program, they are not done recovering. Recovery from an addiction is a lifelong process. People may need to attend therapy sessions, practice relapse prevention tips, keep in contact with their support networks, go to meetings, or volunteer to continue their recovery..

What Happens If Someone in Addiction Recovery Relapses from Their Sobriety?

Sometimes recovering addicts relapse. Regularly practicing relapse prevention tips and reminding yourself why your sobriety is so important can help increase your chances of staying sober in recovery. If there is a relapse, it is important to call your sponsor or someone from your support network and talk with them about what happened. Figuring out why you relapsed is the first step to returning to sober living.

What Is the Cost of Drug or Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment?

The cost of a drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation treatment stay is different for everyone. The cost partly depends on the individual’s insurance, since some insurance providers cover more than others. It also depends on the treatment type needed and the amenities offered by rehab centers.

Why Is the Cost of Rehab Worth It?

Some people just can’t bring themselves to pay the cost of rehab, even if they have the money to do so. They are convinced that they shouldn’t be spending their money on something that may or may not work, in their view. But, the cost of an addiction to drugs or alcohol is often ultimately much higher than the cost of rehab. At rehab, you learn how to overcome addiction to save your life, which is priceless.

Where Can I Find Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Many people and their loved ones want to learn where to find drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Some people want to find treatment near their homes. Others entering addiction treatment programs may be worried about receiving treatment so close to home. They may be afraid that they will have access to drugs and the people who use them and distribute them. For that reason, sometimes it is better to find treatment farther away from home.

Should I Receive Outpatient or Inpatient Treatment?

The choice to receive outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment can be a tough one. In outpatient treatment, people stay in their own homes or live in recovery communities while receiving treatment. During inpatient treatment, people receive treatment while living in rehab centers. They receive around-the-clock care and supervision. To determine whether inpatient or outpatient care is right for you, it is best to speak with addiction recovery specialists and other professionals.

How Can I Take Time Off from My Job to Go to Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment?

There are options if you need to take time off from work to receive treatment. You can talk to your employer about taking paid time off from work. You can also consider taking time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This act allows employees to take a maximum of twelve weeks of unpaid leave from their jobs to seek treatment for health issues that affect their ability to work. The FMLA considers addiction to be a health issue. Many people fear they will be fired from their jobs if they enter addiction rehabilitation treatment programs. The truth is, you may be fired if you don’t start receiving help to treat your addiction. For example, if you are high or drunk while working, your employer can release you. You can also check if there are local or state laws regarding addiction or treatment that may protect your job.

What Is Luxury Addiction Treatment?

There are some people with drug or alcohol addictions who need or want luxury addiction treatment. This type of treatment often includes rehab centers that offer more amenities than other rehabs. Luxury addiction treatment facilities are often in beautiful locations that offer peace of mind, security, and privacy. Their luxurious amenities may include adventure therapy, gourmet food, holistic treatments, and more.

How Can I Get into an Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Program?

Finding the best addiction rehabilitation treatment program to suit your needs can be tough. If you aren’t sure how to start looking for the right addiction rehab treatment center, consider reaching out for help today. When you speak with an addiction recovery specialist, you can talk about your addiction history and treatment needs to help you find the assistance you need.

What Should I Bring to Rehab?

It is important to make the proper preparations when entering a drug and alcohol rehab center. Remember to bring important items such as clothing and personal care products. Rehab centers may have strict rules about the items you can and can’t bring, because some things may hinder your recovery from addiction. Meanwhile, some rehab centers may organize outings for their clients so they can buy the things that they need.

Can You Smoke Cigarettes During Drug Rehab?

Different U.S. states and localities have different laws regarding smoking in public buildings and different settings. This is why some rehab facilities allow smoking. Some rehabs do not allow smoking due to local regulations or their own rules. It is best to contact individual rehab centers to learn if they allow smoking at their facilities.

Can You Bring Your Phone and Other Devices to Rehab?

.We believe that life should not be completely disrupted when someone enters addiction treatment. Our drug and alcohol rehabs are laptop-friendly facilities that also allow cell phone usage. This access allows you to handle and monitor personal matters while receiving addiction treatment in our rehab facilities.

Why Choose Luxury Detox?

Most individuals who have been abusing drugs or alcohol for a period of time are going to need medical detox from the substance they are addiction to. This process can be very difficult and strenuous on the body. This is why through this first step its important to make the individual as comfortable as possible so choosing the right facility for you is very important. Picking a luxury detox center is going to make this journey in your life far more enjoyable and easier. From comfortable beds, to fine dining with a personal chef, and an incredible medical staff that caters to your pacific needs. Luxury detox is the best way for your loved one to get the best treatment in the best way!

How much does Luxury Detox typically cost?

Your average Luxury Detox center is prices anywhere from $700 to $1500 a day. Depending on the substance the individual is recovering from will determine the length of stay and price per day however, most people have a detox time of 3 to 5 days. In cases where one is detoxing from benzodiazepines the detox process can be much longer.

What is substance abuse?

When you take a prescription drug and or illicit drugs and or illegal drugs that cause problems in a person’s life. It can also be alcohol abuse, prescription medication, or legal stimulants. When the nightly fun becomes more than just a drink or two, and you lose control over your alcohol consumption, and it starts to affect your daily living you are said to have substance use problems  compromising your job, your relationships, and, most importantly, your behavioral health.

How to treat Substance abuse?

Leading a drug and alcohol-free life is a life-long process. The first step is to complete Medical Detox. This allows you to come off the drugs or alcohol safely, closely medically supervised at all times by nurses, doctors, and therapists. Substance abuse can be a severe issue having long term and long-acting side effects. Substance withdrawal can be extremely agonizing and life-threatening and sometimes fatal if not carefully monitored by full-time medical staff in a medical relief facility.

Why choose Drug Addiction treatment?

After an intervention, the best-case scenario is that the addicted individual will be compelled to enter either a detox program as well as a live-in drug addiction treatment program. Each patient’s needs are different, and at Perspective Recovery, we focus on the individual and assess each client’s needs accordingly. In an inpatient (residential) program, patients travel to a facility where they undergo an intensive 28- to 30-day detoxification and recovery program. They are immersed in the recovery process and do not have the ability to leave the drug addiction treatment campus. However, family involvement is important, and at Perspective Recovery, we encourage frequent interaction with family and friends. We offer WIFI services as well as have video communication systems in place. As previously mentioned, patients’ needs vary, but inpatient drug addiction treatment has the obvious benefit of removing the drug- or alcohol -addicted individual from the toxic atmosphere that was enabling their addiction. This same benefit is transferred to the patient’s friends and family, who are often able to gain a new PERSPECTIVE about their loved one’s addiction and their own behaviors.

what are the signs of drug addiction?

Whether you, someone you know, or someone you love is struggling with substance
abuse. It’s important to ask things right questions to decide instead you or your loved
one is in need of a drug addiction treatment program.

  • Have you noticed a lack of drive or initiative to succeed or to want more out of life? 
  • Has this person ever had partial hospitalization due to their drug addiction? 
  • Has drugs or alcohol ever caused any legal issues? 
  • Does this person have a hard time having fun or enjoying life without the use of drugs or alcohol? 
  • Have others expressed concerns about this person’s drug or alcohol addiction? 
  • Does this person get violent when they become over-intoxicated? 
  • Has this person ever tried to quit drinking or using drugs but failed?